Sometimes while I’m driving my Morgan I think about writing. And sometimes while I am writing I think about driving my Morgan. They are both such enjoyable pastimes that come together for me on this Blog. I have owned a 1966 Plus Four for the last ten years.  My wire wheels have taken me down many roads where I’ve met lots of interesting people. The unique nature of these old, classic British sports cars just seems to attract great stories and quirky experiences. On this website I will share some of them with anyone interested in Morgans, and where they lead you to.

Dave Doroghy


A Bee in my Bonnet

It’s Spring! At this time of year my thoughts turn to two of my favourite things.  Morgans and Bees.


A visit to the Vienna Morgan Dealership

A world class city with a world class Morgan dealership. Learn about what is so unique about Koessler-Hammerschmid Morgan Austria and it’s owner Joerg.


Morgan Mental Health

FEAR OF MISSING OUT – The All British Field Meet at Van Dusen Gardens is a MUST for any Morgan Enthusiast.  Why am I so paranoid about missing it?


Morgan Mail

It doesn’t matter if it is Cocker Spaniels, Bananas or Morgans.  It is just great to connect with people over something.  Anything!


A Double Belled Euphonium

It’s made of brass, it was finely handcrafted in 1907, and like a Morgan it is a work of art. But what the heck is it?


I'm Horny

I find myself thinking way too much about the horn on my Morgan lately.  It only makes one sound, and I wish it was more expressive and conveyed a wider variety of feelings and emotions.


Skip's Bucket List

Bucket Lists are made to be TICKED OFF! That’s why when my new friend Skip came up to Canada we got right down to it and made one of his dreams come true.


Too Much Information on my Electronic Ignition

You’ve heard of people that read the copy on the entire cereal box at the breakfast table. It gets worse……  I read the entire packaging on my new Electronic Ignition!


Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Sometimes with a Morgan you just have to improvise.  If your parking break is not working and you are parked on a hill – don’t worry.  You can always find a rock some where.


Too Much Junk in the TRUNK

Everything is relative, and when riding a bike you learn to travel light. The same applies to a Morgan because without a trunk it is hard to carry tons of useless junk with you everywhere.


This is How I Broke Down in the Tunnel

This is the second article in a series of three.  It is about the events leading up to my Morgan completely calling it quits in the Middle of the Hwy. 99 Tunnel.


Spike Belts. I Hate Spike Belts!

If the sign says “Driving Further Will Result in Serious Damage to Your Tires” pay attention.  I didn’t and it cost me $1000.


On the Hook Again.

In this two-part article I reflect on the positives of having my old Morgan breakdown and having to get it towed into the shop for repairs.


On Floating Homes and Morgans

I Feel Like the Luckiest Guy in the World. What are the odds of Living on a Float Home and driving a Morgan?


Remember the Annual Car Safety Inspection ?

Remember the old “Annual Safety inspection” that the Department of Motor Vehicles branch of the BC Government insisted that all licensed vehicles had in the 60’s and 70’s?


The Greatest Car Show on British Wheels is Back in Vancouver

Every year for the last 32 years the grounds of Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia experience a friendly British Invasion in the Spring.



When you want to sleep in, don’t you hate having your deep slumber disturbed? So does my 1966 Plus 4 Morgan.


Running on Empty

Remember the days as a teenager when you went for a 50 cent gas fill up?


Investing in Morgans Pays Dividends

Forget about Mutual Funds, Bonds and ETF’s. I should have just bought a big huge old airplane hanger full of old Morgans


An Unexpected Prize

I won first prize for my old Morgan at the largest British Car Show in Canada.  The funny thing was that I am totally inept when it comes to restoring cars.  Plus I didn’t even know that I was entered in the contest.


My Hat My Gloves My Sweater

I wouldn’t fire up the old Morg in this cold weather without three essentials.  Bob Newhart and I share this quirky trait.


Why Not Go Topless?

If it takes anything more than two-minutes to put a convertible top up – I ain’t gonna do it


Reboot Your Morgan

Save the high tech stuff for my phone and laptop. I am so happy that my old Morgan is oh so LOW TECH.



Lift the Dot

Who would have ever given any thought to a factory that pumps out millions of tiny fasteners and clips every week.


Michael Stockdale

Michael is a fine artist who loves to paint cars.  I need to clarify that.  He is a fine artist who loves to create paintings of cars.

Morgan Garage

I went to where they make em'

It is like Mecca for Morgan owners. What to expect if you travel to Malvern Link to visit the factory where Morgans are built.

Morgan Bedtime

Morgan Bedtime

Finding the perfect place to store an old British car isn’t easy. The goal is acquiring a spot with the same amount of character as the car.

Morgan Parking

No Parking?

Things of beauty need to be shared. Morgans are not only beautiful, they are unique, whimsical and fun to look at.

Is that an MG

Is That an MG?

People often mix up Morgan’s and MG’s. To the untrained eye, they do look the same, but, as you may learn, they are oh so different!

Sylvia Hotel Morgan Photo

Eighteen Reasons To Love a Morgan

They are elegant, moody, and oh so British! What is there not to love about these hand made classics…?

Where do you begin when you decide you want to go out and buy on of these British beauties? Mea search began with a simple small ad.

My Morgan Quest

Where do you begin when you decide you want to go out and buy one of these British beauties? My search began with a simple small ad…


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